Friday, November 19, 2010

Doug Bogie Presented the Hiram Award at Vally Lodge #174

On November 18, 2010, WB Doug Bogie was presented the Hiram Award by WB Bruce Nelson, Master for Valley Lodge #174 located in Gleenwood, MN. WB Doug was raised a Master Mason in 1980 at Valley Lodge. He was elected and served as the Master for Valley Lodge Lodge four different times, with the most current time being in 2009. In 2010 he was elected Sectretary of the lodge, the position which he now holds. He is the current director of the Valley Lodge #174 Masonic Center Board, a position he has held since it was formed. Doug has also been active in the other masonic appended bodies such as the Order of Eastern Star, Shrine and Chapter.

Congratulations again to you Doug, a honor well deserved.

For those reading this blog, and are not familiar with the Hiram Award,it is the highest award, and a life time achievement award that is given by a lodge to one of its brothers.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

3rd Degree at Helios Lodge #273

On November 9th, I attended Helios Lodge #273 in Cambridge where they conducted a 3rd Degree for two new Master Masons. The brothers did a great job with all of their parts. WB Roger NcNear sat in the east for both sections and WB Ralph Powell, the current Master sat in the west. He also did both the second and third lecture monologue. Brother Bruce Compton (father) and Brother Shane Compton (son)did the 1st lecturer. These two brothers also traveled to Fraternal Lodge #92 two weeks prior to do the 1st Ledcture for newly raised Brother Lee Craig. I took Brother Lee with me to Helios so he could meet new brothers and watch the work for the very first time.

Brother Chris Maas and Brother Bobby Milliman were the two new brothers who were raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. Brother Chris was raised by WB Roger McNear and Brother Bobby was raised by WB Jason Stork. WB Jason stated it was an honor to raise Brother Bobby since they served in the Navy together and became very good friends and now Brothers. WB Jason is currently the Master of Summerset-St. James Lodge #34 in Preston, Conn., but is working in California at the current time.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

MWB AlynDull - Past Grand Master & Mentor

Last Wednesday, October 27th, MWB Alyn Dull and his wife Annie left for their winter home in Pharr, Texas. Their nephew drives them down to Texas and then he flies home for the winter and makes his return trip in March to drive them back to Minnesota. I spoke with both Annie and Alyn this morning and they stated the trip went well and it took them three days to get to their destination. Annie told me it was 85 degrees and sunny yesterday. Alyn said they found their home to be in good shape and everything worked well when they turned it on (including the refrigerator, furnace, and air conditioner). I don't think we will have to worry about turning our air conditioner on here in Minnesota again until spring.

Before Alyn and Annie left for Texas, a group of us gathered for lunch at the Mexican Village to wish them well and a safe and healthy winter. The group included MWB Roger Taylor and his wife Nancy Fischer; MWB Alyn and his wife Annie, WB Bob Darling and his wife Kathy. Unfortunately, WB Doug Caskey and his wife Mary were not able to make it.

I have considered MWB Alyn a mentor to me as long as I can remember. I became active with Mn Masonry after moving here in 1990. MWB Alyn has always given me good and timely council when I need it, even if I was not aware that he was mentoring me. He always wants to see the person be the best they can be and he is willing to help them succeed, no matter what time and effort is required. I am very fortunate to have Alyn be one of my mentors. I have also been fortunate to have other Past Grand Masters mentor me also, which include MWB Roger Taylor, MWB Thomas McCarthy, and MWB Edward Waldon. These PGM's and brothers have always been there to give words of encouragement as well as guidance when needed. They have also mentored several other brothers while mentoring myself.

I know MWB Alyn has maintained email contact with one of our brothers that was raised at North Star #23, but since has relocated due to his occupational requirements. Our brother has dedicated his life not only to masonry, but also to the service of our country. That Brother is Brother Jason Voss. Brother Voss is getting ready to head back overseas for his (fourth?) tour of duty. One of his latest emails he thanked MWB for his continued communication with him.

I know anyone would be a great success if only they could be half as good as our Past Grand Master Alyn Dull. My hat is off to you my brother, and I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for Kathy and myself, and for all you have done for masonry.

The top picture is (l to r) MWB Alyn Dull and MWB Roger Taylor.
The bottom picture is (l to r) Annie and MWB Alyn.

Friday, October 29, 2010

In Memory of MWB Russell E. Torfin

This post is done in the honor of MWB Russell Edward Torfin, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota Masons in 1972.

MWB Russell was born September 17, 1924in Gleenwood, MN and died October 23, 2010 in Gleenwood, MN. Russell graduated from Villard High School in 1942 and enlisted in the Navy during WWII. He married his high school sweetheart Ruth Streich.After the war was over he attend college at St. Cloud State University and graduated with a degree in teaching. He took his first teaching position at Paynesville, MN. He went from Paynsville to Cyrus for two years as a teacher /principal.In 1953-1958 he and his family lived in Gleenwood where he owned and operated a wholesale meat businees for Schweigert.

During his time in Gleenwood, Russ was a charter member of the Gleenwood Jaycees, VFW, and served as Mayor. In 1958 he purchased Gordon's Resort form Charlie Gordon, which allowed him to return to his boyhood home on Lake Amelia. For the next 16 years Russ and Ruth operated the resort as Torfin's Resort. During these years he also taught in the Villard School District. In 1974 Russ retired from teaching and he and Ruth sold the resort and moved to their present home. For the next 30 years Russ and Ruth traveled to their second home in Mission, Texas where they spent their winters enjoying golfing, dancing,the beaches, and meeting new friends.

MWB Russ took all of his degrees at the old Sincerity Lodge #161 in Villard, MN; Entered Apprentice Degree 3-5-1946; Fellowcraft Degree 3-19-1946; Master Mason Degree 3-30-1946. He served as the Worshipful Master for Sincerity Lodge #161 in 1959. He was appointed to the Grand Lodge Progressive Line on March 22, 1962 by then Grand Master Harvard B. Olson and was elected Grand Master on Masons in Minnesota on April 21, 1972, serving that office for the 1972 - 1973 term.His appointee to the Grand Lodge Line was MWB John P. Peterson, Grand Master of Masons in Minnesota for the 1981 - 1982 term. MWB Vern Long, Grand Master in 1973 conducted the Masonic Services for MWB Russ on Octorber 28, 2010 at the Hoplin-Hitchcook Mortuary. It was a very well attend by brother of Valley Lodge #174 in Gleenwood and other brothers and Grand Lodges Officers from around the state.

3rd Degree at Fraternal Lodge #92 in Princeton, MN

A 3rd Degree was held on Wednesday, October 27th at Fraternal Lodge #92 in Princeton. I was given the honor to raise Brother Lee Craig was to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. I have had the privilege to work with Lee in our St. Cloud Office for the past 2 years.

Brothers from three (3) different Grand Lodge Areas and eight (8) lodge help with taking parts in both sections of the degree to make it a memorable evening for Lee. In his words the next day, he stated that would be an evening he won't forget and thought everyone did a fantastic job with their parts.

MWB Roger Taylor sat in the east for both sections of the degree. The three areas that were involved with the work were as follows: Metroeast, Metrowest, and the Northwest Area. The lodges that were represented are as follows: Fraternal Lodge #92, Princeton; Helios Lodge #273, Cambridge; Anoka Lodge #30, Anoka; Northeast Lodge #345, Anoka; Tusler-Summit Lodge #263, Roseville; Minnehaha Lodge #165, Minneapolis; Monticello Lodge #16, Monticello; and North Star Lodge #23, St. Cloud.

Brothers in the photo: 1st row (l to R) WB Mark Galloway, DR #8 & #263; WB Duane Evermann, #16 & #23; Brother Lee Craig, #92; WB Keith Kennedy, #23; WB John Puffer, #92 & #30. 2nd Row: WB Greg Volkovan, #30, WB Foster Solem, GL Custodian & #165; Tracy Newman, #16; WB Brian Sjoberg, Master of #92,; Bruce Compton, #273; Shane Compton, #273; WB Warren Sjoberg, #92. Back Row: WB Dayton Berg, Metroeast Area Deputy & #345; WB Donald Nolley, DR #41 & #30; MWB Roger Taylor, PGM, #92, & #23; WB Neil Laitala, #92; WB Larry Reed, #92; and WB Ernie Trebesch, #92.
Not Pictures was Brother John Gardner, #92 and WB Bob Darling.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Golden Fleece Lodge #89 Pancake Breakfast

I attended the Golden Fleece Lodge #89 Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser that was held at the Litchfield Civic Arena this morning(10-24-10). Breakfast consisting of pancakes and sausage tasted great. They started serving at 7:30 am. It was a great facility to hold their fund raiser as it was one level and senior would not have to worry about climbing stairs.

The bottom picture includes the following (left to right) Jake Holly and his wife, and WB Bob Holly holding his youngest grand son.

WB Ed Wern Receives Hiram at Monticello

Last night (October 23, 2010), I attended a Hiram Award dinner for WB Ed Wern presented by Monticello Lodge #16,located in Monticello, MN. WB Ed served as the Master of Monticello Lodge in 1996 and 1997. In 1998 when I stared serving as a District Representative, Monticello was one of the lodges in my District. Wb Ed was always there in attendance and helped keeping the lodge going when times were lean. He was one of Past Masters along with WB Dan Bloomgren and WB Butch Aschnewitz who devoted alot of time and effort to keep the lodge going and alive.

For the past several years, WB Ed has served as the lodge secretary,participated in degree work not only in his home lodge, but has help do courtesy work with other lodges in the area. WD ED has also been active with the Monticello Schools in serving as an officer and coach for a teams involved in projects called Education Destination. Some of the teams WB Ed coached has won State Championships and has finished as high as 6th place in Nationals.

Congratulations to WB ED Wern on his Hiram Award. This award is the highest award that can be given by a lodge to one of its members. It is a life time achievement award. WB ED was well deserving of the award.
The top picture is Ed with his wife and two sons. The bottom picture is WB Chris Zamolsky, Master of Monticello Lodge #16 presenting the Hiram Award to WB Ed Wern.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Planning Session for Project New Hope

On October 16, 2010, a Planning Session pertaining to Project New Hope was held at Aurora Lodge #100 located in Brainerd, MN.

Mike Steinberg , President of M.J. Steinberg Associates conducted the the Planning Session for Board Members of Project New Hope sponsored by the Lion's Club. Project New Hope was founded by caring individuals who understand that for a combat veteran, and their family, wartime doesn't end the day the soldier comes home. The Mission Statement for Project New Hope is, "To Provide Veterans and their families the education, training, and skills necessary to manage their lives after wartime service."
Project New Hope offers and host weekend retreats for the entire family. There is no charge associated with Project New Hope, financial concerns will never prevent them from offering their services to soldiers and their families.
Through the Grand Lodge of Minnesota Masons, the cost of the planning session was covered by funds from Masonic Charities and the Ladd Fund.

The Grand Lodge of MN Masons was represented by MWB Thomas McCarthy,PGM; MWB Andy Rice,PGM; WB John Studell, JGS; WB Steve Johnson, past Grand Marshall (2009) and Secretary of Aurora Lodge #100; and myself.

A special Thank You to WB Steve Johnson and Aurora Lodge #100 for hosting the event.

It was a true pleasure and honor that I could be their as representative of the Grand Lodge. It is a great program that the Lions are under taking. You can find out more information on Project New Hope at:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grand Master John L. Cook visits North Star Lodge #23

Last night(October 11th), MWB John L. Cook, Grand Master of MN Masons visited North Star Lodge #23. The Brothers did a great job with the reception of the Grand Master and his officiers. During the meeting MWB John Cook gave the tip of his hat to the stewards for the exceptional job they did with preparing and serving the meal. He also spoke on the importance of the MN KIds ID Program with Take 25 and using it to get involved in your community. He than addressed membership and mentoring. During his discussion on mentoring, he spoke about the importance of mentoring not only new brothers, but also mentoring and assisting current officers.

Thank you MWB John for visiting North Star #23 last night.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

2010 Illinois Grand Lodge

I had a great time at the 2010 Illinois Grand Lodge of Masons Annual Communication held in Springfield, IL. The Grand Master's Banquet was held Thursday night at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. Brother Delbert Yarnell represented President Abraham Lincoln. We also attended two shows and were able to walk through the entire exhibit. WOW was that fantastic.

During the Opening session visiting dignitaries and special guest were introduced. After the opening session, they closed the session and conducted business similar to the same manner we do in MN. The had a demonstration with three brothers preforming a rod drill. This was very impressive.

I met Grand Masters, Past Grand Masters, and other Grand Lodge officers from many states (Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Arizona, Alabama, and Wisconsin to name a few), and a delegation from Italy and one Brother from France.
During the lunch on Friday, I had the honor to sit by MWB Neil E. Neddermeyer who was attending the Grand Lodge to give a talk on Masonic Research. I enjoyed our visit during the lunch hour.

I have included a few photos from Grand Lodge Communications. I have added the complete set of photos on my facebook page (Bob Darling).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meeting a Brother by mistake!

I had the opportunity to me a brother last night thanks to a mistake by the US Post Office. When I arrived home from being out of town all last weekend I noticed the mail on the kitchen island. In it was the new addition of the MN Mason. Not only did I have my copy, but I had received a copy for another brother who lived in Becker. I didn't recognize his name, and no it was not Duane Evermann. He is the only other brother I thought that lived in Becker.

Instead of sticking the MN Mason back in the mail box, I got on the Internet and look up his telephone number and gave him a call. I asked if I could bring his MN Mason over to him. After a little conversation he agreed to have me bring it over to him. I told him I would be over in about 5 minutes. I had a warm reception and was invited in for a visit. I met his wife and granddaughter. We had a great visit and found out that he was a 50 year member from Sharon Lodge in Wilmar, MN.

Before I left, I had made arrangement to pick him up tonight and take him to lodge in Monticello with me. Next week I have a feeling I will be having another rider to attend North Star. Now I have two traveling brothers to attend lodges with me. All I need is for the post office to make another mistake in my favor.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

2010 Shriners International Development Conference

I arrived home last night after spending the last three days in Tampa, FL at the 2010 Shriners International Membership Seminar. I represented the Grand Lodge of MN. The seminar was filled with great presentations and speakers. Some of the topics included Recruitment, Masonic Relations, Retention, Mentoring, Communication, and Technology.

They held special sessions presenting two new websites that are approximately one year old. The first one was called, "" It focuses on attracting new prospective Shrine members. It contains several fantastic tools built into the system such as, virtual mentors, e-mails to top individuals, follow contacts, and tracking of the status of the individual throughout their progress to becoming a Shriner. Since it first was rolled out on October 1, 2009, it has had 1280 candidates sign up, with 26 in the month of September, 2010. Sixty percent were below the age of 40 years old and 40% were already masons. They have had 1224 Nobles sign up as virtual mentors. The Shrine International is doing national advertising in USA Today, NSCAR, and other areas.

The other new web program is call "Shriners Village" and is designed for the current Shriner. You have to log onto the system with your name and your membership number. It has several great tools such as: current breaking news, membership benefits, power point presentations, calendar of events, etc.

They had one whole presentation on Mentoring. Taking mentoring to the next level and why it is so important. They discussed having the right attitude is critical to make any program work and become successful. They also discussed that temple should partner up with 5-6 lodge and work on membership and memtoring together for membership retention.

I felt this seminar was very beneficial containing great ideas and I had a lot of fun visiting with other nobles and brothers from different juristrictions.

Pictured above are as follow:

Top picture (left to right) Zuhrah Shriners Divan Representatives: Adrian Skytland and Ross Hjermstad.

Bottom picture (left to right) Osman Shriners Divan Representatives: Richard Purcell and Roger Berge.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Two New Master Masons raised at Clearwater #28

Two new brothers were raised to the sublime Degree of a Master Mason on June 26, 201o at Clearwater Lodge #28. The two new brothers were Todd Theisen from Clearwater Lodge #28 in Clearwater and Wes Hoffman from Golden Fleece Lodge #89 in Litchfield.

The degree was put on by a joint effort with Clearwater #28, Golden Fleece #89, and Monticello #16. The three lodges have been working togther the last couple years on degrees. They have built a strong fellowship bond among the brothers. They are a great example of lodges working together to get things done. They held a practice earlier in the week and the degree work tonight was very good and impressive. A job well done by the brothers. The two new brother are in the first row. Wes is the third from the left and Todd is the forth from the left.

MN KidsID Train The Trainer Class

On Saturday, June 26, 2010 we had 42 brothers representing 30 different lodges atted the MN KidsID Train the Trainer Class held at the Masonic home. I thought this was a great turnout and a fantastic show of support for the program.

The MN KidsID Train the Trainer Class is designed to help train brothers at the local lodge level so when they decide to hold a MN KidsID Event they will be able to train the volunteers they will have to hold the event.

Today's event was conducted by John Gann,Junior Grand Deacon, Bob Holly, Assistant Area Deputy for the Northwest Area; and myself.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Benjamin Franklin Table Lodge at the Minnesota History Center

It was a great evening last night (May 3, 2010) at the Benjamin Franklin Table Lodge held at the Minnesota History Center. The setting in the great hall over looking the State Capitol was fantastic. The was a special exhibit honoring MWB Benjamin Franklin one of our founding fathers and Grand Master of Pennsylvania.

There were about about 100 brothers and guest in attendance. Most people walked through the exhibit with many original items and books that belonged to Benjamin Franklin. It is amazing to stop and think about all of his accomplishments he achieved with only a formal education that went through the age of 10.

RWB Brian Beermann, Senior Grand Warden was the MC for the event and did a very nice job presenting interesting facts and quotes from Benjamin Franklin.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MWB Ralph L Hultquist, PGM 1987-1988

It was sad news to learn MWB Ralph L. Hultquist passed away today. MWB Ralph was Grand Master of Minnesota Masons in 1987-1988.

Our prayers go out to his wife Patricia and the rest of their family and friends.

I am posting a couple pictures I took at the Annual Grand Lodge Communication in March at St. Cloud, MN. One of the pictures was taken at the Thursday night Grand Masters Banquet and the other picture was taken when MWB Ralph was presented with his 50 year membership pin.

76th Annual Lynnhurst Turkey Dinner

I attended the 76th Annual Lynnhurst Turkey Dinner at the Double Tree last night. It was a great time for fellowship and good food. There were approximately 300 brother masons there to meet a greet our Grand Master of Minnesota Masons, John L. Cook Jr. The Lynnhurst Turkey Dinner is usually one of the first major event the Grand Master attends and gives his main address for the year after his installation.

MWB John L. Cook, Jr was well received and spoke on how planning your lodge yaer should be like planning a trip and putting in way points(points of interest) into your GPS tracking System. The points he addressed were membership, mentoring, community involvement through the MN Kids ID Program, and the Lodge Recognition Program.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

2010 Masonic Cancer Center Dinner

The 2010 Masonic Cancer Center/University of Minnesota Dinner was held at the McNamara Alumni Center. The annual dinner was to celebrate the partnership between the University of MN and the Masonic Charities of the Grand Lodge of MN Masons and those individuals that have dedicated theirs lives to treating cancer and the research for finding a cure to eliminate cancer. Masonic charities has pledge $65 million to the U of M for this cause over a 15 year period.

It was a great evening with Brigadier General Dennis Schulstad (retired) as the MC. There were several speakers including Dr. Douglas Yee, Director, Masonic Cancer Center; Marty Chorzemppa, donor; Kathy Heins, Patient; MWB Eric Neetenbeek, President and CEO of MN Masonic Charities; and our MWB John L. Cook, Jr. Grand Master of MN Masons.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1st Degree at Monticello Lodge #16

A first degree was held at Monticello Lodge #16 tonight. WB Dan Starks was the presiding Master for the Degree work and he did a very nice job. WB Dan is a Past Master from Cataract Lodge #2 and the current Junior Warden at Monticello. WB Chris Zalomsky is the current Master for Monticello and sat in the South for the degree work.

Brother Joel Peterson was the new brother who was initiated tonight. He had a friend a Masonic Brother who came from Wayzata to watch him be initiated. I also asked a new brother Lee Craig to attend the meeting tonight. Lee took his first degree two weeks ago at Fraternal Lodge #92 in Princeton, MN. This gave Lee an opportunity to see the entire degree from the sidelines and have a better understanding with the proficiency work.

After the lectures were completed there was a discussion on a Mentor for Joel and Brother Tim Hester volunteered to be his mentor. Tim live only a few houses away from Joel. The they asked a brother who was raised a few months ago if he had a mentor and Brother Shawn Mortenson stated he was the mentor. That was a great sign that they were following through with the new brothers and making sure they had a mentor to help them as they continue to gain more light in masonry!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fellowcraft Degree held at North Star #23

North Star Lodge #23 held a Fellowcraft Degree for three brothers on Monday, April 12th. Two brothers from North Star and one brother from Litchfield received more light in masonry.

Brother Curt Richter, Junior Warden for North Star sat in the east for the the degree work and did a very nice job with his part. WB Bill Ross did another fantastic job as the Senior Deacon for the Staircase lecture and WB Pete Kloskowske brought the G lecture to meaning. For the 1st Lecture there was some misunderstanding on who was going to do the lecture, so on a monments notice WB ED Halpaus, Grand Lodge LEO step in and did the questions with WB Bill Ross. Great job by both without prior notice. All of the other brothers did nice work with their parts.

The picture has the current Master of North Star, Mitch Freeman (2nd from left) and the three new Fellowcrafts.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grand Lodge Membership Committee Seminar.

The Grand Lodge Membership Committee put on a seminar today at the MN Masonic Home Facility. The committee did a fantastic job putting it together and their hard work showed. It was a great seminar. It was ran like a profession seminar that you would have paid several hundred dollars to attend. They had speakers who were professionals in the areas the covered. They even had one guest speaker from Louisville, KY who was a brother Mason. I took several pages of notes and I hope I can pass this information on to lodges I visit. They had approximately 105 members from across the state of MN who are leaders in their own lodges. Some lodges even shared in some of their projects they do that make them success in gaining and retaining new members. The seminar covered topics on both membership and mentoring.

Again, I want to say congratulations to the Grand Lodge Membership Committee for all of their hard work and for a very successful program. Hats off to all of you!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fraternal Lodge #92 - 1st Degree

A 1st Degree was held tonight at Fraternal Lodge #92 in Princeton, MN for two new brothers. The two new brothers were Lee Craig and Matt Ratiliff. It was a special evening for me because of a couple reasons. I had the honor of sitting in the East as Master for the degree work. Most Worshipful Brother John L. Cook was present for the meeting, so Grand Honors for receiving him was conducted and then he sat in the East next to me. What a special honor that was to have the Grand Master next to you while you conduct the degree. That was the first time I have had the privilege and honor to be in the east with any Grand Master.

Second, I work with one of the new brothers, Lee Craig. So it was very special to be his top line signer and then be the Master when he was initiated. I thank the brothers of Fraternal Lodge #92 for letting me have that privilege.

The top picture is of our Grand Master MWBJohn L. Cook. The bottom picture is as follows (l to r) WB Bob Darling,SGS; Lee Craig, new brother; WB Brian Sjoberg, Master of Fraternal Lodge #92; MWB John L. Cook, Grand Master; Matt Ratiliff, new brother; and MWB Roger Taylor, Past Grand Master and Past Master of Fraternal Lodge #92.

More sincere apology for not getting WB Dayton Berg, Area Deputy in the photo.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fraternal Lodge #92 Palm Sunday Breakfast

This morning I attended the 31st annual Palm Sunday Breakfast (Square Biscuit Breakfast)sponsored by Fraternal Lodge #92 in Princeton. There was a steady flow of customers who enjoyed their breakfast which consisted of a square biscuit, sausage, and scrambled eggs.

I sat at a table long enough to have breakfast with MWB Roger Taylor, who later helped with serving the guest, MWB Thomas Hendrickson,Deputy Grand Master, Brian Sjober and his family (Brian is currently the master for Fraternal Lodge #92) and other guest. It was also reported that RWB David Olson, Junior Grand Warden and Dayton Breg, Area Deputy were present earlier in the morning.

They use the profits from the breakfast to help support their Masonic Scholarships. Brian stated that they use to give 3 $500 scholarships or grants and since they have done well the past few years they are now giving four vs three grants.

Picture is RWB Thomas Hendrickson on the left and WB Brian Sjoberg on the right.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looking Forward to Grand Lodge Annual Communications!

I am really looking forward to Grand lodge Annual Communications this weekend. Tomorrow night starts with a get together and then on Friday the Annual Communications will start with the opening ceremony at 9:00 am.

First, I want to say thank you to our Most Worshipful Brother Thomas G. McCarthy Grand Master of Masons of Minnesota for the excellent job he did this year in leading the craft. He led by example and his true love for the fraternity. I also want to thank him again for appointing me as his Junior Grand Steward.

It was a pleasure to serve the craft this year and I hope I was able to help with making the craft stronger. I was involved with the Mentoring Committee and the new MN Kids ID Program. I also was able to make it to several events such as a corner stone ceremony, lodge celebrations for 100 and 125 years, table lodges, and several meetings with degree work. Thank you to all of the brothers and lodges who invited me to their events. I look forward to another great year of serving the craft.

Tradition prevailing, it will also be another great year when RWB John Cook is installed as Grand Master on Saturday, March 27th at 1:00 pm. Please try and be there if you can. You won't regret it!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Helios Lodge #273 raises a new Brother.

Helios Lodge #273 raised a new brother mason today, 3-20-10. The new brother, Zachary Miller, was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason by his father, WB Brian Miller (who is the Marshal this year)while his grand father, WB Doug Miller of Redfield Lodge #34 of Redfield, South Dakota. WB Roger McNear was the acting master for the degree work. The lodge did the first section, than broke for lunch, and than completed the second section afterwards. As always the the degree work, fellowship,m and food were all great! Nice job brothers.

The top photo shows (l to r) WB Brian Miller, father; Zachery Miller, son; and WB Doug Miller, Grand Father.

The second photo shows all of the brothers who either took part in the degree work or watched from the sidelines except myself.

Monday, March 15, 2010

125 th Anniversary for Plymouth Lodge #160

Plymouth Lodge #160 celebrated their 125Th Anniversary last night at the Scottish Rite Temple. It was a great evening with sing by the Happy Notes, fellowship, dinner and a great program. WB Allen Niederhaus, Master for the lodge this year hosted the even. The Guest speaker was Dr. Phillip McRlave, with the Masonic Cancer Center. Most Worshipful Brother Thomas McCarthy end the event with a short talk and a Irish Blessing.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WB Ian Bates from England visits Fraternal Lodge #92

WB Ian Bates paid a special visit to Fraternal Lodge #92 in Princeton, Mn on Wednesday, March 10, 2010. WB Ian's first visit to Fraternal Lodge #92 was in 1999 when he was first elected as Master to his Lodge Fraternal Lodge #5212 in London, England. He searched the web and found Fraternal Lodge #92 in Princeton and made contact with WB Al Bornholt back in 1999. He paid a visit that started an a very close friendship with many Brothers who visited with him at that time. He started coming over to the United States on a regular basis attending lodge meetings at Fraternal Lodge #92 and even attended the Grand Lodge Session the year MWB Roger Taylor was installed as Grand Master. He returned to the United States that same year in 2001 to go on a Alaskan Cruise hosted by the MWB Roger Taylor and his wife Nancy Fischer. Approximately seven couples of Masons and Eastern Star Members and WB Ian Bates went on the cruise.

Tomorrow night the we will have our annual night at to talk about the memories from the cruise and our friendship.
The top photo show WB Ian with MWB Roger Taylor, WB Brian Sjoberg (current Master), WB Terry Wade, and WB Ernie Trebesch.
The middle photo show WB Ian and myself. The bottom show WB Ian with his Master's jewel and apron.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Table Lodge at the U of MN

Tonight was the second annual Table Lodge held at the University of Minnesota with representatives from the U of M and the Grand Lodge of MN Masons. It was another great event and it gave the Grand Lodge of MN Masons to show the special guest including Doctors in the Cancer research area a little more insight and education about our fraternity. RWB John Cook, Deputy Grand Master was the MC for the event and did a wonderful shop during the evening.

MWB Thomas G McCarthy is giving his response after the toast to the Grand Master of MN Masons in the top picture. In the bottom picture MWB Thomas G McCarthy is in the center with his son and Brother Mark on the left side and his son-in-law and Brother Richard on the right side.