Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fellowcraft Degree held at North Star #23

North Star Lodge #23 held a Fellowcraft Degree for three brothers on Monday, April 12th. Two brothers from North Star and one brother from Litchfield received more light in masonry.

Brother Curt Richter, Junior Warden for North Star sat in the east for the the degree work and did a very nice job with his part. WB Bill Ross did another fantastic job as the Senior Deacon for the Staircase lecture and WB Pete Kloskowske brought the G lecture to meaning. For the 1st Lecture there was some misunderstanding on who was going to do the lecture, so on a monments notice WB ED Halpaus, Grand Lodge LEO step in and did the questions with WB Bill Ross. Great job by both without prior notice. All of the other brothers did nice work with their parts.

The picture has the current Master of North Star, Mitch Freeman (2nd from left) and the three new Fellowcrafts.