Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meeting a Brother by mistake!

I had the opportunity to me a brother last night thanks to a mistake by the US Post Office. When I arrived home from being out of town all last weekend I noticed the mail on the kitchen island. In it was the new addition of the MN Mason. Not only did I have my copy, but I had received a copy for another brother who lived in Becker. I didn't recognize his name, and no it was not Duane Evermann. He is the only other brother I thought that lived in Becker.

Instead of sticking the MN Mason back in the mail box, I got on the Internet and look up his telephone number and gave him a call. I asked if I could bring his MN Mason over to him. After a little conversation he agreed to have me bring it over to him. I told him I would be over in about 5 minutes. I had a warm reception and was invited in for a visit. I met his wife and granddaughter. We had a great visit and found out that he was a 50 year member from Sharon Lodge in Wilmar, MN.

Before I left, I had made arrangement to pick him up tonight and take him to lodge in Monticello with me. Next week I have a feeling I will be having another rider to attend North Star. Now I have two traveling brothers to attend lodges with me. All I need is for the post office to make another mistake in my favor.