Sunday, October 17, 2010

Planning Session for Project New Hope

On October 16, 2010, a Planning Session pertaining to Project New Hope was held at Aurora Lodge #100 located in Brainerd, MN.

Mike Steinberg , President of M.J. Steinberg Associates conducted the the Planning Session for Board Members of Project New Hope sponsored by the Lion's Club. Project New Hope was founded by caring individuals who understand that for a combat veteran, and their family, wartime doesn't end the day the soldier comes home. The Mission Statement for Project New Hope is, "To Provide Veterans and their families the education, training, and skills necessary to manage their lives after wartime service."
Project New Hope offers and host weekend retreats for the entire family. There is no charge associated with Project New Hope, financial concerns will never prevent them from offering their services to soldiers and their families.
Through the Grand Lodge of Minnesota Masons, the cost of the planning session was covered by funds from Masonic Charities and the Ladd Fund.

The Grand Lodge of MN Masons was represented by MWB Thomas McCarthy,PGM; MWB Andy Rice,PGM; WB John Studell, JGS; WB Steve Johnson, past Grand Marshall (2009) and Secretary of Aurora Lodge #100; and myself.

A special Thank You to WB Steve Johnson and Aurora Lodge #100 for hosting the event.

It was a true pleasure and honor that I could be their as representative of the Grand Lodge. It is a great program that the Lions are under taking. You can find out more information on Project New Hope at: