Thursday, November 11, 2010

3rd Degree at Helios Lodge #273

On November 9th, I attended Helios Lodge #273 in Cambridge where they conducted a 3rd Degree for two new Master Masons. The brothers did a great job with all of their parts. WB Roger NcNear sat in the east for both sections and WB Ralph Powell, the current Master sat in the west. He also did both the second and third lecture monologue. Brother Bruce Compton (father) and Brother Shane Compton (son)did the 1st lecturer. These two brothers also traveled to Fraternal Lodge #92 two weeks prior to do the 1st Ledcture for newly raised Brother Lee Craig. I took Brother Lee with me to Helios so he could meet new brothers and watch the work for the very first time.

Brother Chris Maas and Brother Bobby Milliman were the two new brothers who were raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. Brother Chris was raised by WB Roger McNear and Brother Bobby was raised by WB Jason Stork. WB Jason stated it was an honor to raise Brother Bobby since they served in the Navy together and became very good friends and now Brothers. WB Jason is currently the Master of Summerset-St. James Lodge #34 in Preston, Conn., but is working in California at the current time.