Saturday, June 26, 2010

Two New Master Masons raised at Clearwater #28

Two new brothers were raised to the sublime Degree of a Master Mason on June 26, 201o at Clearwater Lodge #28. The two new brothers were Todd Theisen from Clearwater Lodge #28 in Clearwater and Wes Hoffman from Golden Fleece Lodge #89 in Litchfield.

The degree was put on by a joint effort with Clearwater #28, Golden Fleece #89, and Monticello #16. The three lodges have been working togther the last couple years on degrees. They have built a strong fellowship bond among the brothers. They are a great example of lodges working together to get things done. They held a practice earlier in the week and the degree work tonight was very good and impressive. A job well done by the brothers. The two new brother are in the first row. Wes is the third from the left and Todd is the forth from the left.

MN KidsID Train The Trainer Class

On Saturday, June 26, 2010 we had 42 brothers representing 30 different lodges atted the MN KidsID Train the Trainer Class held at the Masonic home. I thought this was a great turnout and a fantastic show of support for the program.

The MN KidsID Train the Trainer Class is designed to help train brothers at the local lodge level so when they decide to hold a MN KidsID Event they will be able to train the volunteers they will have to hold the event.

Today's event was conducted by John Gann,Junior Grand Deacon, Bob Holly, Assistant Area Deputy for the Northwest Area; and myself.