Monday, January 17, 2011

Masonic Saturday

You are probably asking what Masonic Saturday is or was and what did I miss?

Well on Saturday, January 15Th I started the day off by attending the One Day To Masonry held at the Scottish Rite Temple in Minneapolis, MN. It was a great day as 63(the number I heard) new brothers were raised to the sublime Degree of a Master Mason. The saw some of the best ritual work in the State of MN. To the brothers who took part in the organization or participation in the degree work, my congratulations to you or your fine work and dedication to the craft. The coffee, doughnuts, rolls, and lunch were also great.

Next, I rushed home, changed clothes, and spent a little time with my wife, Kathy, before heading to Monticello, to watch the Job's Daughters Bethel #19 Installation which started at 6:00 pm. The Theme for this installation was "New Beginnings". This is very appropriates since Bethel #19 got a new start in 2008. when the brothers of Monticello Lodge #16 agree to support the Bethel and try and start or start Bethel #19. The installation was the first one for the Bethel in Monticello. Ashton Gergen was install as Honored Queen by the Installing Officer, Faye Swanstrom, her Grandmother. My congratulations to the Honored Queen and her officers. May you have a great term. While at the installation, I was talking to a brother from Alexandria, and he stated that they held a 3rd Degree for two brothers that morning.

Immediately after the Bethel Installation was over, I hopped in my truck and drove to Clearwater, MN for the Installation of Officers of Clearwater Lodge #28. Due to the snow storms a couple weeks ago, Clearwater needed to reschedule their installation. WB Terry Brockman was installed as the Master for the ensuing year. The Installing Officer was the out going Master, Gary Loomis and Installing Marshal was their District Representative, WB Chuck Anderson. Congratulation to the new officers installed for Clearwater Lodge #28.

The Ancient Landmarks

I few day ago, I posted an article on The Ancient Landmarks of Freemasonry. I listed 25 Landmarks from Mackey's Revised Encyclopidia. These Landmarks are those principals of Masonic government and policy which are among the parts of Masonic law or rules of government that may never be altered or disturbed. I removed them and wanted to list what is accepted in Minnesota. Minnesota list 26 Landmarks.

The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masonsof Minnesota list the Ancient Landmarks in the Minnesota Masonic Code starting on Page 7 as Follows:


The Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Minnesota, a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of Minnesota, practicing the Ancient York Rite, and inalienably invested with supreme and exclusive jurisdiction, as exercised, over all matters of Ancient Craft Masonry in the State of Minnesota, and possessing the inherent power to form a constitution as its fundamental written law, and to prescribe such other regulations and laws for its government and that of its constituents as it may deem best, and to alter and change the same at pleasure in order to establish and preserve fraternal union, maintain order, insure tranquility, provide for and promote the general welfare of the Craft and secure to the Fraternity the blessings of Masonic privileges, does ordain and adopt the following:

ARTICLE II. Masonic Laws

Section C2.01 Constitutions are those written compacts or laws adopted by Freemasons for the government of the Grand Lodge and its Constituent Lodges and their members, and are intended to be permanent in character.

SECTION C2.02 The Ancient Landmarks are those principles of Masonic government and policy which are among the parts of Masonic law or rules of government that may never be altered or disturbed, as, for instance, the universal language of Masons, and those peculiar marks of distinction by which they are separated from the profane, and by which they are enabled to prove themselves as the "Sons of Light."

SECTION C2.03 The following are enumerated from the Ancient Constitutions as having the
force of Ancient Landmarks of the Fraternity, having been generally received and acknowledged
by Masons as such:
( 1 ) That belief in the Supreme Being, "The Great Architect of the Universe," who will punish
vice and reward virtue, is an indispensable prerequisite to admission to Masonry.
( 2 ) That the moral law which inculcates charity and probity, industry and sobriety, and
obedience to law and civil government, is the rule and guide of every Mason, to which strict conformity is required.
( 3 ) That obedience to Masonic law and authority, being voluntarily assumed, is of perpetual obligation.
( 4 ) That the rites and ceremonies (which include the unwritten language) of the true system of the Ancient York Rite, and which constitute a part of the body of Masonry, are immutable, and that it is not in the power of any man to make innovations therein, except when in Grand Lodge convened.
( 5 ) That contentions and lawsuits between Brethren are contrary to the laws and regulations of Masonry.
( 6 ) That charity is the right of a Mason, his widow and orphans, when poor and destitute, to demand, and the duty of his prosperous brother to bestow.
( 7 ) That Masonic instruction is, like charity, a reciprocal right and duty of Masons.
( 8 ) That to visit Masonicly is an inherent right of Masons, but no visitor shall be received into a Lodge if any member present objects.
( 9 ) That a candidate for Masonry must be a man of mature age, free born, of good report, hale and sound, having no maim or defect in his body that may render him incapable of learning the art and physically able to conform substantially to what the several degrees of Masonry respectively require of him. If a candidate is unable to so comply with the physical requirements, he shall nevertheless be eligible to receive the degrees of Masonry, if, after favorable action by the Constituent Lodge, his petition for degrees, accompanied by a detailed report of the nature and extent of his disabilities, is approved by the Grand Master.
(10) That the Grand Master may make Masons at sight, and may grant a dispensation to a Lodge for the same purpose, but in all other cases a candidate must be proposed in open Lodge, at a Stated Communication and can only be accepted at a Stated Communication following, by the scrutiny of a secret ballot, and a unanimous vote, and must pay a fixed price before admission.
(11) That it is the duty of every Mason to be a contributing member of some Lodge.
(12) That a Mason who is not a member of a Lodge is still subject to the disciplinary power of Masonry.
(13) That the Master and Wardens of every chartered Lodge are of right and inalienably
representatives in, and members of, the Grand Lodge.
(14) That no one can be elected Master of a chartered Lodge, except at its first election, but a Master Mason who shall have served as a Warden.
(15) That every Mason must be tried by his peers; hence, the Master cannot be tried by his Lodge.
(16) That no appeal to the Lodge can be taken from the decision of the Master, or the
Warden occupying the chair in his absence.
(17) That Masonic intercourse with a clandestine, suspended or expelled Mason is a breach of duty and an offense against Masonic law.
(18) That a restoration of the privileges of Masonry by the Grand Lodge does not restore to membership in a Constituent Lodge.
(19) That the failure of a Lodge to meet for one (1) year is cause for the forfeiture of its
(20) That it is the duty as well as the right of every chartered Lodge to be represented in the Grand Lodge at its communications.
(21) That this Grand Lodge has supreme and exclusive jurisdiction, as exercised, within its territorial limits, over all matters of Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry, and accepts the right of the Grand Lodge of The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge F. & A.M. of Minnesota as having supreme and exclusive jurisdiction over matters pertaining to that Grand Lodge.
(22) That no appeal lies from the decision of the Grand Master in the chair, or the Deputy Grand Master or Grand Warden, occupying the chair in his absence.
(23) That the office of the Grand Master is always elective, and should be filled annually by the Grand Lodge.
(24) That the Grand Lodge, composed of its officers and representatives, must meet at least once in each year, to consult and act concerning the interests of the Fraternity in its jurisdiction.
(25) That all officers of the Grand Lodge or Constituent Lodge must be Master Masons.
(26) That no subject of sectarian or political character can be discussed in a Lodge, and any Mason proposing such a subject renders himself liable to the disciplinary action of the Lodge.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jobs Daughters - Bethel #11 Installation of Officers

On Sunday afternoon, January 9, 2011, I attend the installation of officers for Jobs Daughters - Bethel #11, located in St. Cloud, MN. As always, it was a very nice ceremony. The thing that impresses me the most is that the outgoing or Past Honored Queen is the Installing Officer. In this case PHQ Kayla Woodard was the Installing Officer and Installed HQ Janessa Dahle. PHQ did a wonderful job in the work. My congratulations her. I also wish congratulations and the best to HQ Janessa and the rest of her officers for a great term. Her term is for 6 months. HQ Janessa is a daughter to WB Dahle form Clearwater #28.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

North Star #23 Installs New master on 1-8-11

On January 8, 2011, North Star Lodge #23 installed WB Michael Yankovec as Master for the year. The installing officers were as follows:MWB Roger Taylor, Installing Master; WB Bob Darling, Installing Marshal; and WB Duane Evermann, Installing Chaplin. My congratulations to WB Mike and the rest of the officers on their installation. I wish you the best this year!

Brother Nephat Oliech, from North Star Lodge #23 played beautiful music on the piano before and during the Installation. The Jobs'Daughters from Bethel #11 performed the Living Cross with the assistance of Daughters from Bethel #19 out of Monticello.

After the installation was over, the brothers and guest were served an excellent Prime Rib Dinner. Meghan Faundeen made the wonderful cakes.

Monday, January 3, 2011

AF & AM vs F & Am vs AFM vs FAAM

On January 1, 2011,I was installed as the LEO for Monticello Lodge #16. It is my goal to have a presentation for every meeting I attend. I plan on reading and doing research on topics I don't know the answers. This way everyone, including myself will learn something new,hopefully. It is with this interest I will post all of my LEO talks on my blog.

Please feel free to contact me at my email address with comments.

AF & AM vs F & Am vs AFM vs FAAM What do these letters represent, which states belong to which groups, and what are the differences between them? Does it matter which one I belong to and will I be accepted by the others?
AF & AM – Ancient Free and Accepted Masons - Includes 25 states as follows: Co, CT, DE, ID, IL, IA, KS, ME, MD, MN, MO, MT, NE, NH, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, SD, TX, VA, WV, AND WY.
F and AM - Free and Accepted Masons – Includes 24 states as follows: AL, AK, AR, AZ, CA, FL, GA, HI, IN, KY, LA, MI, MS, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, TN, UT, VT, WA, AND WI.
AFM – Ancient Free Masons – Includes 1 state as follows: SC
FAAM – Free and Accepted Masons - Includes the District of Columbia.(1)
Each state is under its own jurisdiction in the US. Therefore, each state Grand Lodge is its own headquarters and does not have to report to anyone else since there is no one headquarters for the entire US.
All four different groups of Freemasons trace their allegorical history back to the building of King Solomon’s Temple in the Holy Scriptures.(2)
After the foundation of the first Grand Lodge in England in 1717, a rival Grand Lodge arose less than two decades later, calling itself the Antients (or Ancients), whereby it intended to assert greater authenticity than the rival “modern” Grand Lodge. The Antients were also known as Athol Masons, from their first Grand Master, the Duke of Athol. Some authors (e.g., Carl Claudy) say the Antients were schismatic—i.e., had split off from the “modern” Grand Lodge; others (e.g., Allen Roberts)of more recent vintage say that the Antients were founded independent by Lodges deriving from Scottish and Irish traditions who were excluded by the English “Moderns.” The Moderns were the F and AM while the “Antients” became the “Ancients” in the AF and AM.
Freemasonry was exported to the British Colonies in North America in the 1730’s, with the “Antients” and the “Moderns” (as well as the Grand Lodges of Ireland and Scotland) which chartered offspring (daughter) lodges, and organized various Provincial Grand Lodges. After the American Revolution, Independent US Grand Lodges formed within the states.
The disagreement between the two Grand Lodges in England was later healed around 18980, but by that time, there were Grand Lodges all over the US that were descended from one group or another, so each group kept their own corresponding initials with which they were formed. This is the reason for the small differences between the states within the ritual wording and Grand Lodge By-Laws and procedures.
The minimal differences are not important, since there is shared brotherhood amongst all freemasons within the fraternity. A brother is accepted by all when visiting other jurisdictions, when proving him to be current in his dues, and proving him to be a mason. One would have to be careful when buying items with Masonic Emblems in other jurisdictions based on the letters of their groups.
1. AF and AM vs F and AM States. Masonic Lodge of Education
2. What is the Difference between AF & AM and F & AM Lodges. Author Roger M. Firestone.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Monticello Lodge #16 - 2011 Installation

Monticello Lodge #16 held their annual Installation of Officers on January 1, 2011. WB Tracy C. Newman was installed as master of the lodge for the ensuing year. MWB John L. Cook presided over the installation as the Installing Officer with WB Bob Holly assisting as the Installing Marshal. During the ceremony, Job's Daughters from Chapter #11 and #19 presented the Living Cross and did a wonderful performing it for all present.
In the top photo is WB Tracy, MWB John L. Cook and Tracy's daughter.