Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fraternal Lodge #92 - 1st Degree

A 1st Degree was held tonight at Fraternal Lodge #92 in Princeton, MN for two new brothers. The two new brothers were Lee Craig and Matt Ratiliff. It was a special evening for me because of a couple reasons. I had the honor of sitting in the East as Master for the degree work. Most Worshipful Brother John L. Cook was present for the meeting, so Grand Honors for receiving him was conducted and then he sat in the East next to me. What a special honor that was to have the Grand Master next to you while you conduct the degree. That was the first time I have had the privilege and honor to be in the east with any Grand Master.

Second, I work with one of the new brothers, Lee Craig. So it was very special to be his top line signer and then be the Master when he was initiated. I thank the brothers of Fraternal Lodge #92 for letting me have that privilege.

The top picture is of our Grand Master MWBJohn L. Cook. The bottom picture is as follows (l to r) WB Bob Darling,SGS; Lee Craig, new brother; WB Brian Sjoberg, Master of Fraternal Lodge #92; MWB John L. Cook, Grand Master; Matt Ratiliff, new brother; and MWB Roger Taylor, Past Grand Master and Past Master of Fraternal Lodge #92.

More sincere apology for not getting WB Dayton Berg, Area Deputy in the photo.