Sunday, October 31, 2010

MWB AlynDull - Past Grand Master & Mentor

Last Wednesday, October 27th, MWB Alyn Dull and his wife Annie left for their winter home in Pharr, Texas. Their nephew drives them down to Texas and then he flies home for the winter and makes his return trip in March to drive them back to Minnesota. I spoke with both Annie and Alyn this morning and they stated the trip went well and it took them three days to get to their destination. Annie told me it was 85 degrees and sunny yesterday. Alyn said they found their home to be in good shape and everything worked well when they turned it on (including the refrigerator, furnace, and air conditioner). I don't think we will have to worry about turning our air conditioner on here in Minnesota again until spring.

Before Alyn and Annie left for Texas, a group of us gathered for lunch at the Mexican Village to wish them well and a safe and healthy winter. The group included MWB Roger Taylor and his wife Nancy Fischer; MWB Alyn and his wife Annie, WB Bob Darling and his wife Kathy. Unfortunately, WB Doug Caskey and his wife Mary were not able to make it.

I have considered MWB Alyn a mentor to me as long as I can remember. I became active with Mn Masonry after moving here in 1990. MWB Alyn has always given me good and timely council when I need it, even if I was not aware that he was mentoring me. He always wants to see the person be the best they can be and he is willing to help them succeed, no matter what time and effort is required. I am very fortunate to have Alyn be one of my mentors. I have also been fortunate to have other Past Grand Masters mentor me also, which include MWB Roger Taylor, MWB Thomas McCarthy, and MWB Edward Waldon. These PGM's and brothers have always been there to give words of encouragement as well as guidance when needed. They have also mentored several other brothers while mentoring myself.

I know MWB Alyn has maintained email contact with one of our brothers that was raised at North Star #23, but since has relocated due to his occupational requirements. Our brother has dedicated his life not only to masonry, but also to the service of our country. That Brother is Brother Jason Voss. Brother Voss is getting ready to head back overseas for his (fourth?) tour of duty. One of his latest emails he thanked MWB for his continued communication with him.

I know anyone would be a great success if only they could be half as good as our Past Grand Master Alyn Dull. My hat is off to you my brother, and I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for Kathy and myself, and for all you have done for masonry.

The top picture is (l to r) MWB Alyn Dull and MWB Roger Taylor.
The bottom picture is (l to r) Annie and MWB Alyn.