Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grand Lodge Membership Committee Seminar.

The Grand Lodge Membership Committee put on a seminar today at the MN Masonic Home Facility. The committee did a fantastic job putting it together and their hard work showed. It was a great seminar. It was ran like a profession seminar that you would have paid several hundred dollars to attend. They had speakers who were professionals in the areas the covered. They even had one guest speaker from Louisville, KY who was a brother Mason. I took several pages of notes and I hope I can pass this information on to lodges I visit. They had approximately 105 members from across the state of MN who are leaders in their own lodges. Some lodges even shared in some of their projects they do that make them success in gaining and retaining new members. The seminar covered topics on both membership and mentoring.

Again, I want to say congratulations to the Grand Lodge Membership Committee for all of their hard work and for a very successful program. Hats off to all of you!