Friday, January 22, 2010

Monticello Lodge #16 Raises a New Master Mason

On January 19, 2010 Monticello Lodge 316 raised a new Master Mason, Art Anecki. Monticello has been slowly growing over the past five years and has a group of new masons that are taking the ritual work seriously. I heard one of the brothers mention it was the first time the lodge has put on a complete 3rd degree with the supporting cast being members on Monticello Lodge #16. They did a great job with the work and made it very impressive for the new master mason.

Brother Tracy Newman organized the degree work and made sure they had a couple practices before the degree that night. Everyone did a great job with their parts. I tip my hat to all of the brothers who took a part in the event.

The top photo is brother Art and WB Ed Wern who presided over the second part. The bottom photo is brother Art and WB Chris Zalomsky, the current Master for Monticello Lodge #16.