Thursday, January 7, 2010

Master Mason Degree at North Star #23

Last night North Star Lodge #23 conducted a Third Degree for four new members that were rasied to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. This was a very enjoyable and memorable night for all those who were in attendance.

WB Bruce Bowers presided in the East for the first section and MWB Roger Taylor sat in the east for the second part. All of the brothers who took parts in the degree work did an excellent job with their parts.

Two things made the evening a very memorable part for me. The first was was watching a father raise his son up by the strong grip of a Master Mason. It brought back memories when I was able to raise my own son up several years a go by the strong grip of a Master Mason. It is such a great joy to be able to call your son a Brother. I know John Pederson also had the same feeling. You sure could see by the smile he had on his face.

Second, in one of my earlier postings, I stated I wanted to become more proficient in the ritual work. Well I had that opportunity to do that last night with about a four to five hour notice. I was called by one of the members asking for help since they had a brother who had volunteered to do the 1st Craftsmen stated he was unable to attend that night. I made a couple calls and was not able to find someone who could do the part. I called the brother back and stated that I would do the 1st Craftsman. I have never done this part or had never studied it either. I spent the next fours hours studying the parts. I might not have been letter prefect, but I sure was bubbling inside knowing I was taking part vs sitting on the sidelines.

I guess the moral of the story is don't be afraid to volunteer when someone ask you to take a part. You will get great joy my being part of the degree team. I look forward to the next new part I can learn

Again congratulations to the four new Master Masons, and to WB Bruce Bowers on his final activity as Master of the lodge. Brother Mitch Freeman will be installed as Master of North Star Lodge on this Saturday, January 9, 2010 at 3:00 pm.