Friday, September 9, 2011

Worthy Matron (Mother) Initiates Daughter into OES

Lisa Cherry, the Worthy Matron for Granite Chapter #5 of the OES initiated her daughter, Katie into the order last evening. It was a great event as Granite had all the Officers Chairs filled for the ceremony.

I was delighted to be asked to serve as Sentinel for the evening. It was a great pleasure to visit with Katie while she was waiting to enter the chapter room. She expressed how excited she was to be joining Star and to have her mother be the installing Worthy Matron. I previously had met Katie and Lisa through Job Daughters events such at their Installation of Officers and Honor Masons night. She will be a great asset to Granite Chapter. I was at her installation when she was installed as Honor Queen for Bethel #11. Katie is currently a senior in high school and recorder for her Bethel Chapter.

Lisa was part of the Bethel Council and I am not for sure if she was a Bethel Guardian or not. I remember her always being very active and assisting with the Bethel meetings and events.

It shows that the youth of our fraternal organizations are vital in keeping our membership alive and will help shape our future. Please help support your local youth groups and OSE Chapters whenever possible. It will make the whole Masonic Family stronger. The next time you are invited to a youth event, please attend and help support them. They might just become a bother or sister in the Masonic Family as they grow older.