Friday, September 2, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Wow, I am back in the saddle figuratively speaking. I knew I hadn't written an article for some time. My apologies to those brother or individuals who were following my blog. I know I might have lost some followers, but hopefully with time I can earn their respect by posting new articles on a regular basis.

The next article I write has do with saddles, so that is how I came up with the title. On Tuesday, August 30th I was invited and attended the MetroWest Area Maters and Wardens Meeting held at Anoka Lodge #30.

A great BBQ dinner of pulled pork made by the Famous Bones Brothers was served. It was fantastic.

Several lodges from Metrowest area were in attendance. The agenda included several items for discussion. Each item had great input by all of the brothers in attendance. I have chosen to write about each item in a separate article to try and give them their just do!

They discussed programs such as the following:
WE Can Ride.
Ask Me How
Masonic Float
Ribs, Ribs, and Blues
Senior Warden Summit

The first article I am choosing to discuss is a program that Anoka Lodge #30 and the Bones Brothers have decided to help sponsor. That program is called "We Can Ride".

It was a great evening of food and fellowship. Thanks for those who invited me and stated they would be happy if I would come to their next meeting on November 29th to be held at St. Louis Park Masonic Center.

The photo is the pan of BBQ Pulled Pork that was so delicious it made you mouth water for more!