Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MN KidsID Program

The new MN KidsID Program was rolled out at the last annual communication in March 2010 after completing three Pilot Programs. The three pilot programs were held in Rushford, St. Cloud and Mounds.

During the pilot programs and the first few programs hosted by the lodges, there were major issues with the computer equipment. It was recommended at a Grand Lodge Corporate Board Meeting to bring in the company representative for the equipment to watch a KidsID Event in person and see the problems first hand. The company representative traveled to Minnesota and watched an event in October and saw the problems with the equipment and software issues first hand. He agreed to take all of the units back and correct the problems, which also included upgrading the software programs. This resolved the major issues with the computer equipment and events are now running smoother. The Grand Lodge hopes lodges that experienced the problems with the equipment will host another event and see the difference with the units.

Since the start of the new KidsID Program till January 25, 2011, there have been 14 KidsID Events hosted by local lodges with a total of 926 children going through the program. There are currently 6 new events scheduled for 2011 and calls are coming into the Grand Lodge office checking availability of dates. The Grand Lodge is encouraging local lodges to host a KidsID Event in their communities. The KidsID Event is a great way to provide an important service to their community.

The KidsID Program has received endorsements from the following groups: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, MN Dentist Association, The MN Sheriffs Association, and The MN Chiefs of Police Association.

Please call Gary Odegard in the Grand Lodge Office to schedule a KidsID Event in your community.