Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Most of us will agree that mentoring is very import in a new brothers journey in the Masonry. Lodges that are having great success in raising and retaining new brothers have a Mentoring program in place. Mentoring is not a new concept. It is very important in our daily lives and in our jobs. Businesses have used mentoring programs for years to help develop new managers and CEO's.

Mentoring can be done in several different ways or styles. What is important is that a lodge develops and implements a Mentoring Program for their new brothers. It is also important that a lodge uses mentors to help develop the future leaders of their lodge.

If a lodge is looking for mentoring information, they can go to the Grand Lodge of MN website and type in mentoring in the search box or can you can find the new Mentor Resources tab located in the Lodge Resources Information. Thank you to RWB Doug Campbell for setting up the new tab.

The mentoring resources are tools a lodge can use to set up their program. Remember what works in one lodge might need to be changed a little to work in your lodge. The mentoring program is also important in the Lodge Recognition Program.

Sometimes we can be a mentor by our actions and the help we provide for brothers and we might not even know we were acting as a mentor to the brother. Recently I received an email from a Master of a lodge and it really made my day. He stated he want to thank me for my help and guidance and he considered me a a mentor during his term as master. I never even realized I was being a mentor to him. I was just trying to be a good mason and brother. Thank you to the brother who sent me the email.

Just remember our action speak louder than our words. So I leave you with this one thought, please include being a mentor your New Years Resolution. It will be very rewarding and hard to break once you are involved.