Tuesday, February 23, 2010

North Star #23 in St, Cloud Initiates 5 New Brothers

Five new brother Masons started their journey last night at North Star #23 in St. Cloud. It was a great evening and the brothers did some very nice work. The Senior Warden, Brother Mike Yankovec acted as the Master for the degree work and WB Mitch Freeman filled his chair as Senior Warden. Due to the Senior Deacon having a work obligation, I was asked to do the Senior Deacons part. I really appreciated the opportunity to be involved in the degree work. We also had a brother mason from Elgin Lodge in Illinois visiting while at Camp Ripley for a two week special training program. A short talk in honor of Worshipful Brother and President George Washington was also given.

The top photo shows our DR WB Bob Holly with the visiting brother Matt Palm and the bottom photo shows the five new brothers in the front row with WB Mitch Free on the left and Brother Mike on the right.

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